Mission Viejo, CA

Medication Assisted
Treatment Done Right

Medication Assisted Treatment Done Right

Resolutions Behavioral Health gives our clients the skills to become renewed individuals and move on to a healthy path of sobriety and wellness.

Our Mission Viejo Facility

Resolutions Behavioral Health is a comprehensive detoxification facility located in Orange County, California that focuses on individuals suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism and prescription pain medication dependence.

Resolutions Behavioral Health is a comfortable and relaxing homelike facility that provides a safe and secure place to begin building a healthy and positive foundation free from addiction. During their time at our facility, we hope our clients find a renewed sense of purpose which will help create future success through compassion, love and understanding.

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start over from now and make a brand new ending.”
– Carl Bard


“Resolutions has been a great experience overall, I am so grateful for all of the staff members who took the time not only to get to know me, but to help me through the hard times. While struggling with being in treatment due to my mother being ill, I don't believe I would have been able to see the bigger picture without the help from exceptionally caring staff members. I am very grateful to have spent my week in detox with such a great team of staff who did everything from console me to cook for me. I will carry this experience with me throughout my recovery.”

- Katie O
“Staff and the house are both amazing. I wish I knew about Resolutions sooner. I'm going to miss everyone."

- Stacie P
“Thank you to all the staff for being so accommodating and understanding.”

- Kelly T
“I am happy about what I learned here. I will miss the staff. This was an experience I needed. Thank you.”

- Rusty W
“Resolutions is a good program and I would highly recommend it to someone else.”

- Seth B

Live free. Live now.

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